At the heart of every folksy evening there is the bar! A place for sparklingly entertaining or profoundly intimate talks with people you simply like. Dive into the ambience of a relaxed venue.

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The food at the Australian you will simply enjoy. The place for connoisseurs! Besides fluffily light and fresh dishes like salads and soups you will find tasty specialties off the barbecue.

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"Down Under" is the Club/Lounge Area of the Australian - a comfy world of its own, specifically made to please and entertain its guest. Clubbing on an international niveau.

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Australian Bar & Kitchen:

Hospitality and Flair of Australia

experience the relaxed lifestyle

Enter the place and do it like an Australian: a short nod with a g'day is the right way to enter a place and then simply continue to a nice place and take a seat. Because people in Australia are famous for their relaxed and easy attitude towards the day - rush and bother are definitely not on that list.

The Australian Bar & Kitchen Loung in Nuremberg offers its guest a place to relax, socialize with friends and simply to have a good time. To achieve this we please our guests with an outstanding cuisine with many specialties and marvellous cocktails from our skilled barkeepers.

The Australian is divided into two areas. The first area is what we call the Bar & Kitchen - it is a place of a first class cuisine for many opportunities. You could start the day with a tasty and fresh breakfast or with an ample and lush Brunch at weekends.

During lunchtime you can satisfy your hunger with some fresh and light food or wirh some tasty dishes. And in the evening you can relax to a fruity cocktail, preferably in good company either with snacks or with a tasty dinner.

The second area is the "Down Under" - our Cloub/Lounge area. The "Down Under" is the perfect place for your party or fest. At weekends you can find themed evenings, which will boost you into the world of classy clubbing and let you forget the day.

First class club ambience backed by a professional bar service and sophisticated DJ-music art. Together with other guests or with your friends you'll exprience a club evening on an international level.


"Die Exotik Australiens im Herzen der N├╝rnberger Altstadt"

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