The heart of every folksy evening is the bar! The place for place for sparklingly entertaining or profoundly intimate talks with people you simply like. Dive into the ambience of a relaxed venue.

A perfectly mixed cocktail will help to get you into the mood of the place. The Australian Bar invites you to the relaxed Australian kind with the art of cocktail making on par with international bars.


Indulge yourself with a healthy lunch, despite the rush of a stressful day. Our salads and soups with changing lunch offers will fill up your "battery" in no time and you will be ready and charged to conquer the second part of the workday.

Please have a look at our special offers at lunch time!

Breakfast and Brunch

Start the day with a wonderful breakfast, best in good company of friends. A satisfying breakfast with fresh pastries, fruity marmelades and bacon and eggs, completed with fresh smoothies and flavoursome coffee. What would one need more? Simply the same but even extended to a very brunch on weekends.


You will just like our Australian cuisine. A place for connoiseurs! Besides some fresh and light dishes like salads or soups you will find deliciously tasty specialties off the barbecue, including some very special burger.

Take a peak on our card! It tastes like it sounds!

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